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Catherine Dela

Catherine Dela

Principles of Effective Prayers

Touch to agree is for anyone under witchcraft attacks and needs someone to agree with them for their redemptive dignity to be established.

It is important for us to know that God is a God of processes and protocols. He is a God of principles. When we engage him according to his terms and conditions, then we have a return for our engagements.

In other words, when we follow his principles by obeying his words then we have a reward for our obedience. Deut 28:1-3

God is specific on his rules.

The call to prayer is the promise or guarantee for answers. Jere 33:3, Matt 7:7-8.  We can therefore say the evidence of effective prayer is the presence of answer to that prayer

One cannot claim to have prayed effectively until you have an answer James 5:16-17

Some vital keys for prayer

1.The number one key for effective prayer is DESIREMark 11: 24.  This is to crave, long for, yearning, aspiring, wishing for the issue to be solved. Ps 63:1-2, Prov18:1, Jere 29:13

2.The number two key for effective prayer is EXPECTATION – Prov23:18, Acts3: 1-5, For example we say a pregnant woman is expecting ie looking forward to…., 1st John 5:14-15. If we ask according to his will (according to his principles) Rom 4:17-18 – He calleth… as though they were.

3.The number three key for effective prayer is FOCUS / CONCENTRATE – Acts 3:4, Matt 6:6-For concentration, go into your closet shut thy door.

4.The number four key for effective prayer is FAITH – Permit me to say God is a God of faith. Faith says I have it. It is the hand of collection. It turns expectation into manifestation.

A great legend of faith said, He said “Faith is a living force drown from the living word to produce a living proof” Gal 3:14 – we receive by faith, Heb1:1-end, Elders obtain report, they wrought great things through faith. They received their promises.

NOTE: Until it is received by faith, one cannot see it answered. Faith is vital so Christianity is called “the faith”

5.The number five key for effective prayer is APPRECIATION & PRAISE. Be careful, for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known unto God. Always learn to give thanks. The pattern of God is “Enter with thanksgiving” Ps 100:4

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  1. faith

    hello this is powerful

  2. Ruth

    Hey Catherine,
    Really enjoyed point three.

    With love,


    1. admin

      Hello Ruth,
      Happy the blog is benefiting you. Hope to hear from you.


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